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However, we can claim that our course provides information.  Of course information can be used to achieve positive results, but results are not guaranteed. What you do with the information is extremely important. Results will vary with each person. We cannot guarantee your success.

We do NOT guarantee that our information will make you rich or guarantee you lifelong success. We do NOT guarantee that by simply listening to our course you life will change forever. We do however believe that our course information is well thought out and provides solid advice from working musicians that may help you achieve your music career goals.

Google has also suspended our account because of the “softer claims” mentioned in the “we show you where to find the hidden music money” and “we’ll share one rule that will change the way you are perceived in the music business.” Again, it’s information only. Your ultimate success is not guaranteed.

Although we feel the video contains appropriate information about our course, We wish to remain compliant with Google’s policy and protect your user experience. Rather than cut up the video, and dilute the information, we have decided simply to remove it and be compliant with Google’s policy. Your protection and online experience are important to us.

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That being said, we stand firmly behind our product.

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If for any reason you don’t feel that you’ve received an exceptional value, please let me know and I’ll refund every penny – no questions asked. (Even if you simply change your mind.) Yes, I know that means you can review the course, keep it, enjoy it, learn from it and still get your money back. However, I still believe that most people are honest. I would hope you wouldn’t purposefully take advantage of me.

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